1 Thing Unhappy People Refuse To Do For Themselves

 It’s not your job to change who you are in order to become someone else’s idea of a worthwhile human being. You are worthwhile. Not because other people think you are, but because you are breathing your own air, and therefore you matter.-Marcangel Life is really hard sometimes. There's no escaping that reality. It’s impossible… Continue reading 1 Thing Unhappy People Refuse To Do For Themselves


Is sleeping That Healthy?

I know some people may have difficulty wrapping their heads around the benefits of having and enjoying enough sleep. In such a fast paced world where everything seems to be running all day long, reeling economic activities and even sometimes never ending streams of books, phones and laptops begging us or is it subconsciously enticing… Continue reading Is sleeping That Healthy?

Are You Intentionally Draining Your Mental Energy?

Today, I want to remind you that the stories we tell ourselves change EVERYTHING we see. When we enter an experience with a story about how life is, that tends to be what we see, even when there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. We tend to compare our present problems and stress to an… Continue reading Are You Intentionally Draining Your Mental Energy?

Chase The Lion

“Chase the Lion” is more than a catch phrase; it’s a radically different approach to life. It’s only when we stop fearing failure that we can fully seize opportunity by the mane. Quit playing it safe and start running towards the roar! Mark Batterson Hello there, Been a long long time since i camped here...but… Continue reading Chase The Lion

Day 362…

With just a few days left to wrap up this year also, i just thought we should remind ourselves of the accomplishments-small or massive strides. The pains, losses, joys and laughter plus the wisdom we've garnered since 2018 started rolling. Lets finish with style knowing there is still more to look forward to and much… Continue reading Day 362…

The Great Delusion

Recently, I found myself in a very uncertain situation when someone asked me why i believe in God, does He even exist? Whats with the dogmatic view of endlessly reading and trusting in this big black book that all Christians seem to treasure and cherish so much. Its a tough spot to be in, especially… Continue reading The Great Delusion

Feeling Drowsy? Here’s Why You Should Sleep Enough

What difference could an extra hour of sleep make in your life? Maybe quite a lot, experts say. Studies show that the gap between getting just enough sleep and getting too little sleep may affect your health, your mood, your weight, and even your sex  life. If you're getting less than the recommended seven or… Continue reading Feeling Drowsy? Here’s Why You Should Sleep Enough