1 Thing Unhappy People Refuse To Do For Themselves

 It’s not your job to change who you are in order to become someone else’s idea of a worthwhile human being. You are worthwhile. Not because other people think you are, but because you are breathing your own air, and therefore you matter.-Marcangel Life is really hard sometimes. There's no escaping that reality. It’s impossible… Continue reading 1 Thing Unhappy People Refuse To Do For Themselves

Is sleeping That Healthy?

I know some people may have difficulty wrapping their heads around the benefits of having and enjoying enough sleep. In such a fast paced world where everything seems to be running all day long, reeling economic activities and even sometimes never ending streams of books, phones and laptops begging us or is it subconsciously enticing… Continue reading Is sleeping That Healthy?

Are You Intentionally Draining Your Mental Energy?

Today, I want to remind you that the stories we tell ourselves change EVERYTHING we see. When we enter an experience with a story about how life is, that tends to be what we see, even when there's plenty of evidence to the contrary. We tend to compare our present problems and stress to an… Continue reading Are You Intentionally Draining Your Mental Energy?


‘How music influences cognitive performance may also depend on personality type.’ Music with hard vocals can distract, while the background vocals enhance concentration. Fast and dynamic music can energize the body and mind. While slow music and the sound of some instruments may help fight stress and reduce anxiety. In general, people perform better in… Continue reading INTROVERT vs. EXTROVERT PeRsOnAlItY&mUsIc

Like a Lobster-(Interesting facts you need to know about this creature.)

If lobsters had doctors they'd never grow! A lobster is a soft, mushy creature that lives inside a rigid shell that does not expand. Well, how does it grow? Through pressure. As lobsters grow, their shell becomes too confining and uncomfortable. What does it do? It goes under a rock formation for protection from predatory… Continue reading Like a Lobster-(Interesting facts you need to know about this creature.)

What About Suicide?

Suicide. The word has a frightening air of finality. Laden with hopelessness, despair, and tragedy, it is a word that everyone wants to keep at arms' length.Many who wrestle with suicidal thoughts and tendencies often feel all alone in their struggle. But the truth is, it’s more common than we may even be aware of.… Continue reading What About Suicide?

Choose Adventure

Don't accumulate possessions accumulate experience. I must admit my life has been one of adventure and full of new experiences. Both positive and negative. But when I hear of the phrase choose adventure, one particular instance comes into mind. A camp out trip my friends and I went to while in campus some few years… Continue reading Choose Adventure