Feeling Drowsy? Here’s Why You Should Sleep Enough

What difference could an extra hour of sleep make in your life? Maybe quite a lot, experts say. Studies show that the gap between getting just enough sleep and getting too little sleep may affect your health, your mood, your weight, and even your sex  life. If you're getting less than the recommended seven or… Continue reading Feeling Drowsy? Here’s Why You Should Sleep Enough


Is sleeping That Healthy?

I know some people may have difficulty wrapping their heads around the benefits of having and enjoying enough sleep. In such a fast paced world where everything seems to be running all day long, reeling economic activities and even sometimes never ending streams of books, phones and laptops begging us or is it subconsciously enticing… Continue reading Is sleeping That Healthy?

Is The Bible Still Relevant Today?

Sure, the Bible was relevant once upon a time, in that long-ago era of shepherds and scribes. That story of how the Israelites emerged from their centuries of slavery in Egypt is a gripping account, but does it have any connection to my world of instant, lightning fast WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts? The… Continue reading Is The Bible Still Relevant Today?

On a Day Like This

Thursday morning, I recall vividly, eleventh October. Third term mid-break. We all looked forward to it with warmed hearts thinking of how well to spend the three no-school days. Personally, I remember with nostalgia being a movie junkie. All I could think of and obsess about is how many soap operas I'd watch and movies… Continue reading On a Day Like This

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

I am one who knows what it is to be punished by God, He drove me into deep darkness, beat me ceaselessly with merciless blows. The thought of my pain, my wounded soul, is bitter poison; I think of it constantly and my spirit is depressed.   Yet hope returns when I remember this one… Continue reading Great Is Thy Faithfulness