Prayer Power

Does prayer have any powers?

There are quite a number of methodologies which you’ve probably heard of or tried following all in the name of maintaining constant energy. Stamina. Have you ever tried the power of prayer? 

“But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary; and they shall walk and not faint.”(Isaiah 40:31). To have constant energy, it is imperative we begin to change how we view life. How we see things. Refocus our points of view.

How we think we feel has a definite effect on how we actually  feel. If the mind says you’re tired, automatically the body mechanism, nerves and muscles resonate the fact. In the other hand, if your mind is  intensely  interested you can Keep on that activity indefinitely. Religion functions through our thoughts- it’s a system of thought discipline actually. It helps one accomplish prodigious activity by suggesting that you have what it takes to complete whatever is at hand.

Constant contact with God establishes within us a flow of energy similar to the recreative energy that renews springtime annually. How does one connect with God constantly? I am confident by now you know. Prayer is more than closing your eyes, kneeling and folding your arms. It’s keeping God in mind in everything. Talking to Him. Appreciating Him. Conversing with Him.

This close connection ensures a constant divine power flow, that automatically renews us daily. However, when this connection is broken, the personality gradually becomes depleted in body, mind and spirit. It’s more like unplugging an electric clock from the socket; you don’t expect it to work. 

People are doing prayer more frequently today than ever before because they find it adds to personal effeciency. Prayer helps them to tap forces and utilizes strength not otherwise available. A famous psychologist was quoted saying,

prayer is the greatest power available to the individual in solving his personal problems. Its power astonishes me.”

Prayer power is a manifestation of energy. Just as there exists scientific techniques for the release of atomic energy, so are there scientific procedures for release of spiritual energy through the mechanism of prayer.

Think of praying when you need to freshen up. Prayer can transform your evening to splendour and send you out each morning renewed. It even normalizes the aging process, obviating or limiting infirmity and deteroriation. You need not lose your basic energy or vital power or years. It is not necessary  to allow your spirit to sag or grow stale and dull.

What things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them; and you shall have them.” ( Mark 11:24)

So what are you waiting for? Pray!


Believing in Self pt.2

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities!” Guess you’ve heard these words quite a number of times. But do you believe they are true?

Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers it’s impossible to succeed or be happy. However with sound confidence,you will succeed. A sense of inferiority, inadequacy surely cripples the attainment of your hopes; on the other hand, a little self-confidence leads to eventual self-realization and successful achievements. 

Its appalling to realize there are numerous, self inflicted situations and lives due to inferiirity complex. Remember, bad things happen to everyone…even celebrities. For instance, lets zoom in a little into the life of rich and famous businessman-James Altucher. In 1998 he started an investment company worth US $15million. Two years later, he lost it all. In a span of 10 years later, he had established 20 more companies: 17 out of which failed.By now you might be wondering what was really wrong with this man’s head. Can’t he accept business just ain’t his forte? Just relax. James went on to write his bestseller Choose Yourself a vivid description of his experience and ultimate lesson learnt.

“I was going to die”, he writes. “The market had crashed. The internet had crashed. Nobody would return my calls. I had no friends. Either I would have a heart attack or kill myself.” Ever walked on that road? Overwhelming, isn’t it? However as you keep reading you realize his real message is that it is really possible to to survive the the experience of loss. Yes its painful. You might lose hope. Why even bother to fight and win it? But for Altucher, life itself is quite good. He is grateful to be a part of the universe and  happy to be alive. He has learnt to appreciate what he has, hence he counts himself lucky.

Jesus said” If you cling to life you’ll lose it, and if you let your life go, you will save it.” (Luke 17:33). Job lost everything- his wealth, his family, his health. Yet he clung to one thing- God. He sought to undetstand the enduring power of His love. A love that surpasses mortal understanding. Finally he came out even better than he was before the experience. What do you hold onto during the fiercest of trials? Do you believe you’ll come out stronger, better and not bitter? 

I believe this little words will keep your energy flow constant even when you feel weak and drained. Just sing them along the turbulence:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Believing in Self pt.1

Many people are defeated by their daily problems. They go through life struggling,maybe whining and gnawing- absently passing through their days with a sense of dull resentment, mild disapproval for missing out on the big breaks life has to give. Rationally speaking, there maybe big breaks in this life, but also, there is a spirit, a method by which we can control and determine those breaks. It is a pity that one should allow self to be defeated by their problems,cares,worries and difficulties of human existance.

I’m definitely not downplaying the enormity and brutalness with which life’s hardships come attacking. Neither do I propose that you break will with them, rather bend and get back up like a resilient palm tree reacting to a storm.

Its only you who can allow ibstackes to control your life to the point where they are uppermost and thus becime dominating factors in your thought pattern. I’m here to help you learn how to cast them from your mind, refuse to become mentally subservient to them and embrace spiritual power through the thoughts so you rise above obstacles which ordinarily might defeat you.

You are only defeated when you’re willing to.”

It all begins with a step

Finding courage, tapping into a passion, drawing from your inner strength ain’t something that everyone has found easy- even me- but do we now stop, assume, pretend and not express our thoughts? Ofcourse not! 

So join me as we explore our strengths, build on our weaknesses and above all….become more positive