Train up A Child on a Path and he Will Not Depart From It.

Sacred history provides many illustrations of the results of true education. It presents many noble examples of people whose lives were a blessing to others and who stood in the world as representatives of God. Among these are Joseph, Daniel and Moses.

In early life, just as they were passing from youth to manhood, Joseph and Daniel were separated from their homes and carried as captives to heathen lands. Especially was Joseph subject to the temptations that attend great changes of fortune.

In his father’s home he was a tenderly cherished child, in the house of Potiphar a slave, in Pharaoh’s dungeon a prisoner of state, condemned unjustly. However, at a time of great crisis, he was called to leadership in the nation of Egypt. What enabled him to preserve his integrity?

In his childhood, Joseph had been taught the love and fear of God. Often he had been told the stories surrounding the faith, life and works of his forefathers. Their struggles and victories in life through an abiding and steadfast faith and focus on the infinite one.

Moreover as a shepherd boy tending his father’s flock, Joseph’s pure and simple life had favored the development of both physical and mental power. By communion with God through nature and study of the great truths handed down as a sacred trust from father to son, he had gained strength of mind and firmness of principle. 

In the crisis of his life, when making that terrible journey from his childhood home in Canaan to the bondage that awaited him his soul thrilled with the high resolve to prove himself true to God- under all circumstances- to act as a subjectof the king of heaven. 

He would serve the lord with an undivided heart; he would meet the trials of his lot with fortitude and perform every duty with fidelity. One day’s experience had been the turning point in Joseph’s life subject of terrible calamity had transformed him from a petted child to a man,thoughtful,courageous, and self- possessed. 

No one can stand upon a lofty height without danger. As the tempest that leaves unharmed the flower of the valley uproots the tree upon the mountain top, so do fierce temptations that leave untouched the lowlyin life assail those  who stand in the world’s high places. But Joseph bore alike the test of adversity and of prosperity. The same fidelity was manifest in the palace of the pharaohs as in the prisoner’s cell. 

What’s was Joseph’s not so hidden secret?

Loyalty to God, faith in the unseen were his anchor. In this lay the hiding of his power. Having been brought up in the fear of the almighty God and experiencing his ever present saving grace and power in his life Joseph thrived in all stages of his young life into a successful adulthood and life of service. 

Only when we realize that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom do our lives begin to have a deeper sense and we all find a true purpose in life . Only fools despise knowledge and understanding.


How to Be More Positive Using 5 Habits

Rewire Yourself To Be More Positive About Life

It’s a common misconception that great achievements are merely a result of hard work and luck. In actual fact, a positive attitude is the most critical factor for any success or living a happy, fulfilled life.

You may not realize but your attitude defines the very world you live through now. It’s the root of all your successes, failures, actions and reactions.

If you’ve ever felt perplexed about how to be more positive,you’ll be reassured to know it’s very much under your own control.

Becoming aware of your thoughts and feelings will allow you to change them on the spot. One cannot simply switch from a negative attitude to a positive one overnight, however, it can be achieved by anyone willing to dedicate time and willpower.

If you’re feeling trapped by a negative attitude right now, understand that positivity is rarely an inborn gift, it requires conscious acts to develop a positive attitude. There’s a number of essential habits you can use to reinforce your transformation

The key to deploying all these habits is catching negative thoughts as they appear, then consciously replacing them with positive ones.

1. Remain Grateful Even When Facing Disappointments

There’s always going to be times when things go wrong. It’s a fact of life, a necessity for growth and eventual prosperity. Yet, during the moment it’s difficult to see the bigger picture, instead, the world seems to cave in around us!

So next time you experience one of those “I wish I’ve never done that” moments, don’t linger within the negativity of regret. Instead, accept that you can’t change the past.

The best thing you can do right now is to learn from the experience, be grateful and move on.

2. Stay Faithful Even When All is Hopeless

Faith is the most powerful driving force, it will keep you sailing true regardless of waves thrown by the sea of life. At times, you may feel hopeless and want to give up, but you must remember they are only momentary.

There’s no use wondering and worrying whether things are ever going to work out, accept the fact that what’s meant to happen will happen.

Have a faith in yourself and continue to do the best you can. Instead of worrying about the future, you should be enjoying and making the most of your current moment.

3. Give Love Even When You Are Unappreciated

True love must always be unconditional, for both self and others.

It shouldn’t be used as a reward, or activated by the right emotions. You’ve got to learn to live through love continually and positivity will flow through you.

If others hurt you with their behavior or actions, stay positive by accepting the fact you can’t control the actions or emotions of others but only your own. Don’t let their negativity influence your reactions.

If you begin to question what’s wrong with you, remember you are perfect the way you are and if others can’t see or accept it then so be it!

4. Trust in the Power of Positivity Even In Times of Hardship

We are all tested at times during life, yet positivity can provide a shining guide that guides you through the darkest moments.

However, if you don’t trust in positivity, you are left at the mercy of others and circumstance.

Always remember that whatever you’re doing or facing, a positive attitude will enable you to perform far better than a negative one. If you find yourself slipping into negativity, reignite your positivity by affirming these beliefs.

5. Failures Can Always Be Blessings in Disguise

Your attitude, whether positive or negative, will apply a filter to every situation you face in life. Negative attitudes suffer the worst failures and their successes are dulled or momentary. Whereas, positive attitudes are highly resourceful, finding value in every situation they encounter.

Let’s say if you got declined for your dream job,  it’s easy to see this situation as a complete failure. Yet by simply shifting your mindset, it becomes a valuable experience.

Perhaps you gained a valuable insight into the interview process, allowing you to far better prepared next time. Or maybe, it results in a different career choice that fulfills you even more. So instead of dwelling on failure, seek out the value and use it to reinforce your future!

Source: Lifehack

See you again

Life is long. Life is short

It all depends with how you see it.

Sharon dear I appreciate you;

That warm, radiant, unfading smile

That always emanted from your countenance,

Bravely, valiantly you have borne this illness…this unrelenting battle.

And I know you have won.

We are crying  silently because we’ll miss you…

Not because we are a hopeless people.

Every time I look at your beautiful face,

In the window of my mind…

I can’t help but feel your penetrating gaze

Those round and innocent eyes…

Looking into the depths of my soul.

This pain scathes like fire. Excruciating.

This lump on my throat has refused to melt

My eyes are sore and dry. No more tears remain.

I will miss you…

But life must go on little angel

This is another hurdle and we’ll be victors

I choose to keep the faith and hope daily

Your dreams deffered have not vanished

God’s will prevails beyond my wildest wish

Dust to dust and spirit to it’s creator

Till we meet again honey…

In my thoughts and heart you remain.

Not a sad memory but a sweet taste to savour

A legend to narrate to all my future generations

For you lived a worthy life worthy to be praised.

Young as you are, the world is sure swayed sad and shaken this day

Fare thee well my sister my friend and my little angel.

Peace and calm is all you’ll always be in my memory.

An intelligent and humble lady is what I’ll remember you as…

Plus your sweet dimpled smile ever floating in my private dreams.

I’ll see you again. Just a little while and we’ll not be sad anymore.

Goodbye for now sweet Sharon…

Phenomenal Woman (Maya Angelou)

Phenomenal Woman (Maya Angelou)

i just had to share this…to every woman…

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Phenomenal Woman

“Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.

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Expect The Best And Get It (continued)

Expect The Best And Get It (continued)

So far we have seen how our thoughts influence outcomes in our lives from the previous post. This begs me to quote famous William James who became a very successful businessman, he said – ‘ our belief at the beginning of  a doubtful undertaking is the one thing that insures the successful outcome of the venture.’ When you expect the best, you attract to yourself the best. It is more like a magnetic force in your mind and often times works with a sustained expectation of the best setting in motion forces which cause that best to materialize. That’s how universal science would put it , but from a christian point of view, i simply call it faith. Believing in what is yet to be and trusting it will come to pass.

Famous sport writer Hugh Fullerton in one of his stories which concerned Josh O’Reilly (one time manager of the San Antonio Club of Texas League), illustrates this faith system. Josh had a roster of great players,seven of whom had been hitting over 300. Everybody thought that his team would easily take the championships; but it fell into a slump and lost 17 of first 20 games. With this, the players started accusing and blaming each other. Expected when tension is flying high and failure looming above their heads, right?

Playing the Dallas team, a rather weak team that year, one Dallas player got a hit and that, strangely enough, was the pitcher. O’Reilly’s team was badly beaten that day and the players were inconsolable. Josh knew he had great players, their only problem was simply how they thought – negatively. They did not expect to win. They did not expect to hit. They were resigned to losing. This was a mental attitude of doubt not expectation.

It so happened that a preacher named Schlater, popular at the time, claimed to be ‘a faith healer‘ with apparently ‘outstanding‘ results. People believed and had confidence in his ‘abilities‘ (perhaps that’s why his power achieved results!). So O’Reilly asked each of his players to lend him two of his best bats and stay in the club house till his return. He put the bats in a wheelbarrow and off he went with them for an hour. He returned jubilantly to tell the players that Schlater, the preacher, had ‘blessed‘ them and they contained ‘power that could not be overcome‘. The players were astounded and delighted!

The next day they overwhelmed Dallas, 37 hits and 20 runs thus, hammering their way through the league to a championship. For years in the South West a player would pay a large sum of money for a ‘Schlater bat‘ after this experience. Mmmmh. What do you think…?

Whether the coach really visited Schlater or not is a controversial issue to contend with, but one thing stands out clearly; something significant happened in the thought patterns of of these players. They began thinking in terms of expectation not doubt. The expected the best, not the worst. They expected to win, to score and eventually, that’s what they got. You realize all along they had power within them to get what they wanted. The bats remained the same ones they had used in the previous matches, but there was certainly a difference in their minds later.

Simply amazing! Things become better when you expect them to be better. Freedom from  self-doubt allows us to put our whole self into the endeavor. Nothing can stand in the way of a man who focuses his entire self on a problem. When you approach difficulty as a personal unity, the problem tends to deteriorate. Expecting the best means that you put the whole of your heart into what you want to achieve.

We are defeated not because we lack ability, but because we lack wholehearted devotion to what we have at hand to accomplish. We do not wholeheartedly expect to succeed, we allow room for doubt and fear. Perfect faith and love drive out fear. I love children because they have that drive and can-do-anything mentality. They have a kind of  peculiar faith and belief system even when as an adult you’re thinking that’s damn impossible! No wonder Jesus advocated we be like children at heart. Believe. Trust. Hope.

” Learn to give every bit of yourself holding nothing back to whatever you are doing. Life cannot deny itself to the person who gives life his all”.

 Start today. It takes time but it pays.

Expect The Best And Get It

Expect The Best And Get It

When Wilma was a young girl, her left leg became paralyzed. Her doctors told her she would never walk again. Heart breaking. However, Wilma decided she didn’t want to be an invalid. Instead of wallowing in self-pity and resigning to her fate, she said ‘i will walk again’. Not only did she want to walk, but also to run. She began telling herself she would be one of the fastest runners in the world. Affirmative thoughts. In High school, she competed in every race despite finishing last ,until one day she came in next to last. To cut the long story short, eventually Wilma Rudolph won not only one but multiple races and went on to set a record as the first American Woman to ever win 3 gold medals in the same Olympics!

Wilma’s story is an amazing example of the powerful influence our thoughts have over our success of failures in life. This is best explained in the universal law of reaping and sowing – essentially, we are what we think. Positive, happy thoughts produce chemicals that actually strengthen the body while the opposite, is true.Words like ‘i cant’ or ‘i never’ limit our abilities  in the subconscious mind.

What are your expectations in life? Do you believe and look forward to the best or you are a doubting Thomas? When we lose insight and steer towards disbelief,negativity and lack of faith in God and self ; most definitely the best of expectations turn out to be sour. Training our thoughts to expect the best and believe it will occur goes a long way to making those dreams a reality.

Disclaimer though – We do not always get what we wish for, because for a reason, maybe it wasn’t the best or good for us as much as we wish for it at the moment. Learning to put your trust in God, He will guide your mind so you do not want things that are not in harmony with His will for your life. Trust means accepting and having faith that everything happens at its appointed time. Belief makes the impossible possible. Remember you don’t have to see the whole staircase to make the first step. Every great thing at last becomes for you a possibility…

… to be continued

How to Break the Worry Habit

We have already seen the effects of a worrying habit. The question still lingers…how willing are you to break the worry habit? Nothing comes easy and so breaking a kind of an addiction comes at a cost too. The good thing is it can be done and overcome.

The first step into overcoming your worries is believing in yourself. Believe you can do it. Whatever the mind concieves it can achieve. Here is a practical guide that can help eliminate abnormal worry from your experience:

Empty the Mind Daily

This does not mean you forget all you know (try and get it right:)). Simply put this is the act of using creative imagination to allow your mind get rid of all negative aspects you have had to deal with the whole day.

Picture all worry thoughts as flowing out as you would let water flow from a basin by removing the stopper. Try and recite some positive lines as you let the mind empty like ‘fear not for i am with you:be not dismayed for i am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, i will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.'(Is 41:10). Something positive uplifts the spirit, especially when you say it loud and audibly. Repeat this slowly as many times as you can believing it will be well. The aim here is to control your thought processes from negativity to positivity, which takes lots of time and great patience.

Emptying the mind should be utilized in mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before going to bed. Go into some quiet place for 5 minutes or more. Faithfully let it all outand with time, effects will be noticeable.

This process fot children is a walk in the parkbecause they believe and trust much. A child believes pain can be kissed away and sure it does go away! Tell an dult that and you will have yourself to blame. Children possess an imaginative skill much superior than that of adults. Now do you wonder why Jesus encouraged his disciples to have a child’s nature? A child believes and so in their mind it works.

Imagination is a source of fear but it can also be cure to fear. What you build in your mind (imagine) may ultimately become a fact if held mentally with sufficient faith. Therefore, hold an image of yourself as delivered from worry and the drainage process will in time eliminate abnormal fear from your thoughts.

It is not enough to empty the mind for the mind cannot forever remain a vacuum. Now the next thing is to refill it with thoughts of faith, hope, courage and expectancy. Affirm God’s protection by uttering it out loud until the mind tunes into the reverberating effect of these words within you. Fear is one of the most powerful thoughts with one exception-faith. Faith overcomes fear. Day after day as you fill your mind with faith there remains no room for fear to reside in.

Constant entertainment of fearful thoughts creates an atmosphere in your mind propitious to the development of that which you fear most to take root and grow. You tend to draw it to yourself.

In conclusion, remember,to break the worrying habit change your attitude. Practise faith. Believe. Pray and take each day as it comes. Surround yourself with positive people, avoid negative talk at all costs. Above all, try and help someone cure their worry habits or feel better. It works wonders! Let God handle it for you always.

Enjoy your Valentines! Lots of love from here