On a Day Like This

Thursday morning, I recall vividly, eleventh October. Third term mid-break. We all looked forward to it with warmed hearts thinking of how well to spend the three no-school days. Personally, I remember with nostalgia being a movie junkie. All I could think of and obsess about is how many soap operas I'd watch and movies… Continue reading On a Day Like This


Talents- Shrewd or Just Lazy?

​ Whatever your hand finds to do,do it with all your might, for in the grave where you are going,there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom.-Ecclesiastes 9:10 Upon the right improvement of our time depends our success in acquiring knowledge and mental culture. The cultivation of the intellect need not be prevented… Continue reading Talents- Shrewd or Just Lazy?

Finding inner strength-When you need it most.

Hard situations build strong people. Everyone has gone through something that has made them stronger than they could've ever been otherwise. I've been there myself several times over the years, and I've learned a lot about coping with and growing through hardships. If you are struggling in some way right now, these three strategies can… Continue reading Finding inner strength-When you need it most.

Train up A Child on a Path and he Will Not Depart From It.

Sacred history provides many illustrations of the results of true education. It presents many noble examples of people whose lives were a blessing to others and who stood in the world as representatives of God. Among these are Joseph, Daniel and Moses. In early life, just as they were passing from youth to manhood, Joseph… Continue reading Train up A Child on a Path and he Will Not Depart From It.