How to Break the Worry Habit

We have already seen the effects of a worrying habit. The question still lingers…how willing are you to break the worry habit? Nothing comes easy and so breaking a kind of an addiction comes at a cost too. The good thing is it can be done and overcome.

The first step into overcoming your worries is believing in yourself. Believe you can do it. Whatever the mind concieves it can achieve. Here is a practical guide that can help eliminate abnormal worry from your experience:

Empty the Mind Daily

This does not mean you forget all you know (try and get it right:)). Simply put this is the act of using creative imagination to allow your mind get rid of all negative aspects you have had to deal with the whole day.

Picture all worry thoughts as flowing out as you would let water flow from a basin by removing the stopper. Try and recite some positive lines as you let the mind empty like ‘fear not for i am with you:be not dismayed for i am your God. I will strengthen you, yes, i will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.'(Is 41:10). Something positive uplifts the spirit, especially when you say it loud and audibly. Repeat this slowly as many times as you can believing it will be well. The aim here is to control your thought processes from negativity to positivity, which takes lots of time and great patience.

Emptying the mind should be utilized in mid-morning, mid-afternoon and before going to bed. Go into some quiet place for 5 minutes or more. Faithfully let it all outand with time, effects will be noticeable.

This process fot children is a walk in the parkbecause they believe and trust much. A child believes pain can be kissed away and sure it does go away! Tell an dult that and you will have yourself to blame. Children possess an imaginative skill much superior than that of adults. Now do you wonder why Jesus encouraged his disciples to have a child’s nature? A child believes and so in their mind it works.

Imagination is a source of fear but it can also be cure to fear. What you build in your mind (imagine) may ultimately become a fact if held mentally with sufficient faith. Therefore, hold an image of yourself as delivered from worry and the drainage process will in time eliminate abnormal fear from your thoughts.

It is not enough to empty the mind for the mind cannot forever remain a vacuum. Now the next thing is to refill it with thoughts of faith, hope, courage and expectancy. Affirm God’s protection by uttering it out loud until the mind tunes into the reverberating effect of these words within you. Fear is one of the most powerful thoughts with one exception-faith. Faith overcomes fear. Day after day as you fill your mind with faith there remains no room for fear to reside in.

Constant entertainment of fearful thoughts creates an atmosphere in your mind propitious to the development of that which you fear most to take root and grow. You tend to draw it to yourself.

In conclusion, remember,to break the worrying habit change your attitude. Practise faith. Believe. Pray and take each day as it comes. Surround yourself with positive people, avoid negative talk at all costs. Above all, try and help someone cure their worry habits or feel better. It works wonders! Let God handle it for you always.

Enjoy your Valentines! Lots of love from here 



Why worry when you can change so little?

I must admit i have let my emotions and thoughts of fear and worry get the better of me a couple of times over the past few months. Good thing January just wound up and i can finally start over this month. Phew!

All those nightmares and sleepless nights i had to go through only did good in making me irritable and less constructive. Not to add quite clumsy, unbearable and tensed. Good thing huh?

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary defines worry as ‘to keep thinking about unpleasant things that might happen or about problems that you have. ‘Interesting. What appeals to me is the fact that it’s rooted on ‘unpleasant’ things.

Why worry and poison your body when infact you can do little about the situation? Could it be that you have already made it a habit? I get wary of people who use the phrase ‘i am worried sick’…’i am worried to death’, i just wonder if they know it is true that is how their bodies react to the reaction. Sickness. Death.

By now you can clearly see that worry is not a subtle enemy but a serious calamity that slowly engulfs life. Its about time we took precaution. A famous psychologist asserts that ,”FEAR is the MOST disintegrating enemy of human personality.” If you didn’t know, fear is a product of worry. Thousands of people are ill because of damned-up anxiety-huge piles of stacked up anxiety that has not been expelled. The result? Many forms of ill health.

It goes without say that numerous cases of health disorders and sufferings result from worry. Although it is not infrequent a factor in arthritis, physicians who have analyzed the causes of this prevalent disease assert that the following factors, atleast some, to a certain extent recurr in arthritic cases:

  • Financial disaster
  • Frustration
  • Tension
  • Apprehension
  • Loneliness
  • Grief
  • Grudge
  • Habitual worry.

Many of the reported heart diseases,high blood pressure or ulcer issues are directly linked to worry.

In short, the painted picture from above deductions is that a worry-wart does not live long compared to the person who learns to overcome their worries. You do not need to be a victim of worry. You were not born a worrier, you have acquired the vice. Good thing is that any acquired attitude can be changed. It’s a matter of   resetting  your mind.

Aggressive, direct action is essential in the elimination process. There is just one proper time to begin an effective attack on worry-now. Join me in this journey of improving ourselves. Let me know you experiences in worry and how it has affected you or someone in your circles. Did you overcome? What has been your secret? Any positive results so far?

Help someone in need of your input too. You might be the expert we just need. Let’s interact  through your feedback and comments as we look forward to the next post on breaking worry habits. Meanwhile be calm.

” Have i not commanded you? Be strong and of good courage:do not be afraid,nor be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9